Author Visits


"Reading Rocks!"

The 2017 Louisiana Writer Award recipient and revered internationally for her “singable” books and trickster tales, Johnette Downing offers a unique musical author visit experience for audiences by combining readings of her books with her music in a concert with a literacy twist. With their rhythmic cadences and sung refrains, books come alive for audiences through participation in the singing-reading connection, encouraging reluctant readers to get jazzed about literacy. This visit features songs and readings from her Reading Rocks! album, among others.

Skype or Video Chat with Johnette through her Virtual Author Visit. In this twenty-minute online visit for individual classrooms, Johnette reads two of her books, talks about her inspirations for writing and illustrating, answers student questions (emailed a week in advance), and encourages children to read, write and illustrate.

When booking an author visit, indicate if you want a physical or virtual event.


Book and CD Signings
Johnette is happy to include a book and CD signing with her Reading Rocks! Author Visit program. 

Book and CD Orders through Johnette
Schools often send order forms home with the students to pre-order books and CDs prior to the Reading Rocks! Author Visit date. School order forms are downloadable on the Media Kit. Please email Johnette if you wish to order books and CDs through her, and give her the completed order at least one week prior to the scheduled Author Visit. 

Book Orders through Publishers
Book preorders can be handled through Johnette's publishers prior to her Author Visit. Please contact:

Pelican Publishing Company,
River Road Press,