The Second Line – Scarf Activity Songs


The Second Line – Scarf Activity Songs


Winner of a National Parenting Publications Award, a Parent’s Guide to Children’s Media Award, & an iParenting Media Award.

Grab a scarf, turn on Johnette Downing’s The Second Line, and join the parade as we celebrate in a New Orleans’ style Second Line with jazzy scarf activity songs and games. This one of a kind scarf activity recording includes instructional lyrics making it perfect for home (birthday and pajama parties) and school (P.E., music, and dance classes as well as school assemblies).

“In New Orleans, the “second line” refers to the crowd that marches joyfully behind the band during celebrations, often waving scarves or handkerchiefs. The simple lyrics suggest things children can do with scarves.”
— Paul Shackman, American Library Association Booklist


  1. Introduction
  2. The Second Line
  3. Shake Your Scarves
  4. Scarves Up and Down and Around
  5. Water, Wind and World
  6. The Sacroiliac
  7. Thread the Needle
  8. Scarves on Your Laps
  9. Flitter Flutter
  10. Crazy Eights
  11. Wow!
  12. Rhythm in the Scarves
  13. Circus Parade
  14. The Second Line Reprise

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Item #: JD06
Genre: Kids/Family: General Children’s Music
Release Date: 2003
CD: 14 Songs
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