Today Is Monday in New York


Today Is Monday in New York


On Monday, it’s apples, and Tuesday is pastrami. This catchy walk through a week of yummy New York fare introduces children to the favorite foods of the Empire State. With bright collage illustrations and infectious singsong lyrics, this playful adaptation of a traditional song features such goodies as Buffalo wings, hot dogs, pizza, and cheesecake. A “Word Menu” at the end of the book, along with tips and trivia about the great state of New York, round out this toothsome trip through a week’s worth of tasty eats. Come and eat it up!

Age Range: 5+ years
Grade Level: K – 3
Release Date: January 18, 2011
Hardcover: 32 pages
ISBN: 978-1589808867

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"Acclaimed children’s musician Downing adapts and illustrates the traditional folk song “My Aunt Came Back,” giving it her signature Louisiana twist. In this version, the aunt brings back red beans from New Orleans, a French baguette from Lafayette, some crawfish stew from ’ti Mamou, a violin from Evangeline and more. Readers will become familiar with the names of various places in Louisiana as well as the foods and musical instruments those places are famous for.... The “Word Map”—a description of the places referenced in the text and instructions on how to pronounce them—and the sheet music are useful additions. - Kirkus Reviews

"This rhyming picture book offers children a tour of the Louisiana traditions of many beautiful towns and cities of the state. Based on a traditional song adapted by the award-winning Louisiana singer/songwriter Johnette Downing, the book invites children to learn the various cultural nuances of each area. Along with the whimsical song lyrics, interesting facts about Louisiana are included on the word map. Children will learn that the town of Albany was settled by Hungarians and is known for its large, sweet strawberries, and the small Florida parish town of Franklinton is famous for its delicious watermelons. In Ruston, a town in northern Louisiana, peaches are the special fare, and in Thibodaux, it is the fili1/2 gumbo. Many more interesting facts are presented in a unique, enjoyable fashion." - Good Reads