Black Friday Sale -- Cajun Tales!


Black Friday is approaching and I am offering a special gift package of three Cajun books! If you or your little ones like Cajun myths, legends and cultural traditions, this gift set is for you! Mademoiselle Grands Doigts is a Cajun New Year’s Eve tale based on the legend of Madame Grands Doigts, the counterpart of Papa Noel, but she fills the shoes of good children with treats and presents on New Year’s Eve instead of the stockings hung on Christmas Eve. Mumbo Jumbo, Stay Out of the Gumbo is a Cajun Mardi Gras, or Courir de Mardi Gras, book in which the chicken outsmarts the revelers by warning all the animals in the Cajun prairie to hide. In the end, the revelers eat gumbo z’herbes, a delicious vegetarian soup. The Fifolet is an eerie tale about the legendary swamp fire sprite who preys on the greed of fishermen. Be careful. If you follow the fifolet, you just might disappear!

To beat the Black Friday mayhem, I am offering this $45 (plus shipping) gift set now through December 15, 2018. Order today HERE!

Happy holidays to you and yours!