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Swamp Romp was included in the MetroKids guide to Songs for Summer Kids! Here is the review:

Johnette Downing’s Swamp Romp is a year- round Louisiana dance party packed with Mardi Gras spirit. Downing and Scott Billington have captured the danceable delight of Louisiana roots music in a well-produced collection of (mostly) original songs. “Poor Worry Anna” is a smooth retro homage to the worrywart in our lives. “Bamboula Rhythm” features an outstanding horn section. The traditional accordion, fiddle and rhythms are here, along with some lovely flute work on the delightful “Mississippi River.” Downing’s throaty vocals lend intimacy to the whole shebang. It’s a wonderful introduction to this Pied Piper of Louisiana music traditions and her collection of music and books.” – Kathy O’Connell, MetroKids

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